Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal

Have you changed your mind about a tattoo? Did you get a tattoo in your youth that no longer fits your lifestyle? Do you have a tattoo that you regret? If so, you’re not alone – some research suggests that up to 40% of people with tattoos regret them.

If you’ve had second thoughts about a tattoo, Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal can help to remove your tattoo – and your regret! Alternatively, if you’re looking to cover up an existing tattoo, just a few treatments at Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal can fade your tattoo enough to ensure the perfect cover-up.

Established in 2013, Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal is Geelong’s only clinic exclusively specialising in laser tattoo removal. We use a state of the art laser to provide the safest and most effective tattoo removal. Whether you want to have a tattoo completely removed or just faded for a better cover-up, we can help.

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“Geelong Laser Tattoo removal is a fantastic place to get your tattoo removed, I feel confident in knowing that I am being taken care of and that my unwanted tattoo will soon be gone. I highly recommend it.”


“Thank you Jacqui for your professional and convenient removal of my unsightly tattoos! The cooling device made the treatment very tolerable and I appreciate your honest, informative advice and your efficiency with the procedure. I am so glad to almost be rid of something I have been regretting for so many years!”


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