Radiation Tattoo Removal

Removal of radiation tattoos for cancer survivors.

Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal proudly launched a new program in October 2013 in honour of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – we will remove radiation tattoos for breast cancer survivors free of charge. Tattoos are applied to some cancer patients undergoing radiation to ensure accurate targeting of the treatment. The radiation tattoos are usually the size of a freckle and several may be applied to each patient.

Although some survivors keep their tattoos as a token of their successful battle against cancer, others want them removed as they’re a reminder of a difficult and painful time.

We are allocating a couple of treatments each week for the complementary removal of radiation tattoos for cancer survivors. Those interested in participating will need a letter of approval from their doctor before commencing treatment. Please contact Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal on 0478 616 905 or info@geelonglasertattooremoval.com.au for further information.

medium_radiation tattoo

An example of a radiation tattoo

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