How It Works

People get tattoos for a wide variety of reasons and likewise there is a huge range of reasons why people want to get them removed. ‘Tattoo regret’ is common, and although tattoos were once considered permanent, this is not now the case. Laser treatment is generally considered the safest and most effective treatment for removal of tattoos.

At Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal, we use a Medlite C6 Q-Switched laser which is considered the ‘gold standard’ of lasers for tattoo removal. The laser light passes through the top layer of skin and targets the tattoo’s ink particles. The ink particles absorb the light energy which shatter into smaller pieces so that the body’s lymphatic and immune systems can clear them away. The Medlite C6 delivers the light energy in a very precise beam so that the tattoo can be removed without damaging the surrounding skin, or part of a tattoo can be removed without affecting the remaining part. We use our laser in conjunction with a Zimmer Cooling machine that blows air out at minus 30 degrees to minimise the amount of discomfort you experience during your treatment.

Multiple treatments are required for the removal of a tattoo and the number of treatments required depends on a range of factors such as the colours in the tattoo, whether the tattoo is professional or amateur, your skin type, and the location of the tattoo. At Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal we offer a thorough consultation process which will help to estimate the number of treatments required for the removal of each individual tattoo.

If you’re interested in just fading a tattoo to ensure a better cover-up, Geelong Laser Tattoo Removal can perform just a few treatments until the tattoo is faded enough for your tattoo artist to work their magic. By fading your original tattoo, you can choose the cover-up design that you really want rather than having to choose a design simply because it will cover your existing tattoo.

We are happy to consult with your tattoo artist to ensure that we provide a result that will be workable for them and satisfactory for you.

How It Works
The Medlite C6 Q-Switched laser
How It Works
Laser light passes through the top layer of skin and targets the tattoo’s ink particles

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